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"Really cool plugin – I can definitely see myself pulling this up in songwriting sessions to generate random chord loops and melodic synth riff ideas. It's way easier than messing with midi loop packs and a lot more fun. Plus you know that whatever you make is ''original" in that no-one is going to recognise it as a loop you grabbed from the usual sample websites. In terms of melodies it makes, I like that they usually have some kind of structure in there, it's not like it's just playing random unconnected notes[...]"

Zaid Tabani

"Orb Producer Suite is an incredibly versatile tool. It is perfect for jumpstarting a songwriting session, filling out motifs in production, and helping assist with on to go producing when you don't have a controller handy. Its ability to voice lead, as well as build out ideas quickly helps cut down my session time with clients drastically. Really intuitive piece of work!"

Clay Avian

“I’ve seen and used a few other chord generation tools in the past, but none come close to how sophisticated the Orb AI can be. I find myself getting stuck with using the same progressions or rhythms for a lot of the work I do, but using the Producer Suite allows me to break my writer’s block fairly easily. It’s a great way to find a starting point.”