Legal mention

Legal mention


Section 1 : Scope

Only the present terms of sale here are valid within the framework of the sale of the software on the website  https://www.orb-composer.com/ . By buying a software on  https://www.orb-composer.com/ the customer recognize to have completely knowledge of these conditions.

These terms of sale cover the whole act of purchase of a customer on the site https://www.orb-composer.com/.


Section 2 : Purchase a product

https://www.orb-composer.com/ sells software under the electronic form, that means by download.

We do not make expedition. The sale being dematerialized, it asks for an act of download, the customer thus has to be able of having a rather powerful internet access to allow him to download the software.

From validation of the payment, the customer will receive by email a link of direct download and will also have a link of download on his customer account.

In the case of software in preorder (new version, not available immediately), the customer will not be immediately delivered: the delivery date is the one which will be indicated on the order form.

 The Orb software are only sold in EURO. There is no limitation of clientele: Orb is opened to every public of more than 18 years.


Section 3 : Technical Support

The customer has got a notice, in English, but our technical support is also available in English or French.

Click here  to contact the support. 


Section 4 : Guarantee, Refund and return

The Orb Composer software (artist, pro and Producer suite) is available in free demonstration, we shall make no return / refund. It belongs to the customer to test the version of demo and to have the required meadow techniques indicated on our site before the purchase.

You have the right to cancel your purchase during a period of 7 days worked following your purchase on the conditions that you did not activate your new products and that you are a private individual, not a professional. The activation of your new products means that you agree definitively to buy your new products and that you do not want to give up your purchase.

If you want to cancel your purchase, you have to inform us about it by e-mail in contact@hexachords.com during 7 days worked beginning the day following your purchase.

Once informed about your intention to give up your purchase, we shall pay off you in 30 days and you will destroy the files which you downloaded as well as all the copies of these files which you made. The banking charges caused to pay off you will be at your expense(under your responsibility).

All pre sales with special discount can’t be returned. The customer is informed  about the pre requirement necessary to use Orb Composer (DAW, MIDI skills). All necessary informations about system requirement can be found here and DAW compatibility here.


Section 5 : Rights of use 

The Orb software were conceived for a use normalized in the user guide.

The customer has a full and whole exploitation of the software, as well as 3 activations maximum (3 computing posts).

Any use except the scope indicated in the notice is prohibited.

You do not have to neither copy or sell, or transform, or use the source code of ORB.

The Orb software must be used to create some music, and only in this purpose.

The HEXACHORDS ENTERTAINMENT company reserves itself the right to offer updates either to sell them. Every update will be the object of a technical note, it belongs to the client to read it and to make sure that its equipment / software is compatible BEFORE proceeding to an update.


Section 6 : Copyright

Orb Composer Artist and Orb Composer Pro and Orb Producer suite are software which for the composition.

De facto, the music created via Orb Composer Artist, Orb Composer Pro and Orb Producer suite is submitted to the same laws.

It’s up to the user of Orb Composer to make sure of the originality of his composition, and if necessary to submit it to the juridiction of his country, to give evidence of it legally.

On no account the HEXACHORDS ENTERTAINMENT company can be held responsible of any plagiarism of an existing musical creation.


Section 7 : Personal Data

The HEXACHORDS ENTERTAINMENT company makes a commitment to respect the European laws regarding data protection. It also makes a commitment in not never to reveal the information concerning its users, by no means whether it is.

Any information of log user allowing to improve the functioning of the software, stays at will of the company HEXACHORDS ENTERTAINMENT  (this with the aim of making improvements)


Read here the details of the law: Regulation (EU)2016/679 of the european parliament and of the council of 27 April 2016